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Free to use sustainable public washroom

Brief – A prefabricated premium washroom with attached retail space in front and washrooms at the back with utilities like water supply, electricity, and waste recycling technology. Movable, sustainable and built with old shipping containers, a versatile feature loaded toilet that has no issues of smell and maximizes luxury spectrums.

LooCafe Standard in Hyderabad.

LooCafe Standard in Hyderabad.

Watch a Trailer of LooCafe Minis, which are widespread across the country

Watch a Trailer of LooCafe Minis, which are widespread across the country

Your Challenge

<aside> 🔹 Challenge: LooCafe wants more youngsters to be involved in the WASH Mission. They’re working towards public-perspective building on innovative toilets, they want to know how they can attract larger groups of Gen-Z? LooCafe is also open to becoming the hub for WASH startups to innovate on their toilets, what can they do to upgrade their toilets to make them more sustainable and attractive?


Challenge Context:

Washrooms, good health, and hygiene are some of the basic needs that every human being desires. Technology is evolving at a quick pace and uniqueness is something everyone wants. Loocafe envisions providing a comfortable elite and unique toilet which is safe and hygienic to use. Their basic mission is to architect a digital facility ecosystem that would redefine the labeled methods while enhancing the dignity of neglected service staff. They wish to provide unique, luxurious washrooms within every 1-km radius to ordinary people. They want people to join their mission, connect gen-z to the real world and be the changemakers who would revolutionaries the country.


Key to your solution

LooCafe is in an extremely competitive market. There are now technologies and companies that have completely changed how consumers use washrooms. IoT enabled limitless tracking and smart management. Facility Systems and Sewage systems created a new frontier in how waste is managed, LooCafe now wants to lead the way in what public toilet usage can be, They want to set the bar high while increasing their adaptability to different settings.

Timeline (TBD)

🚩 Challenges Due: 10th August ‘22 @7pm IST

3 Core Pillars:

  1. Uniqueness- Loocafe wants all of its products to be unique and the products should be something great and something that no one would have seen before or expected to have something like this.