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Nexteen featuring at the UN!

As the founder of Nexteen this is a compilation webpage about what Nexteen is about, what we do, what the philosophy behind it and more is. We ran 3 Cohorts for Nexteen. Built a community nearly enriching 300 people from 14 different countries and collaborated with more than 25 different organizations and won a fair few international and national awards for our concept. Since the list is a bit longer, any certificates or letters can be sent upon request within 24 hours. The following document is an extract from the Nexteen web page.


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One-Pager - Nexteen.org

One-Pager - Nexteen.org

Nexteen was crafted with the assistance of leading business executives and experts from F200s and National Think-Tanks like T-Hub, UNICEF India, TSIC, and MoHUA. Modeled after curriculums in the innovation programs of Yale, GrowthX & TKS. It's tailored to deliver a learning experience similar to what one would find in Silicon Valley and the heart of Bangalore.

Website www.nexteen.org

Nexteen in Media

Nexteen in the Media


Documentary in Telugu 4K about Nexteen

Millionaire Minds - Nexteen

<aside> 💡 Nexteen is a high-intensity program that’s structurally unstructured, i.e., super flexible to promote unconventional thinking.

What you’ll do at Nexteen